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Essential and Extended Services


Expert Product Appraisal & Evaluation Services

We at NewAge have an intimate understanding of the need for realistic product valuations. Our many years of experience working with a vaster array of IT than many other vendors, coupled with our understanding of global and domestic market trends, has allowed us to provide amazingly accurate equipment evaluations that are both realistic while at the same time maximizing our clients return on equity. NewAge is relied on to provide evaluation services for many Leasing Companies, Lending Institutions as well as Private Equity Groups and Bankruptcy Courts. A primary advantage that we have over that many of our competitors do not, is that we always offer to purchase your equipment for the appraisal value provided.

Contact us today for a free appraisal of what your equipment is worth.


Maintenance and Support Services

We understand the frustration that our customers express in learning that a manufacturer has declared a product End of Life and will no longer offer support services at any price. We also understand the chaos of monitoring multiple support contracts spread across many different companies. NewAge offers a complete array of extended Maintenance and Support Services for your ALL of your IT Equipment. Please click below or call us for more information.

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Leasing Program

NewAge offers an array of flexible leasing programs ranging from short term 12 month terms to extended 60 month contracts. Please click below for more information on the leasing options currently available or call us for more information.

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Rental Program

Does your organization have a short term project requiring a new server or firewall, but budget constraints prevent an outright purchase? NewAge offers a few rental options that make renting much easier that you might have ever imagined. Please click below for more information on the rental options currently available or call us for more information.

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Technical Services

"Do not SELL what you do not KNOW". One would think that this very simple business mantra would be rigorously adhered to. Sadly, nothing can be further from the truth, and it is not just within the confines of the technology industry. At NewAge we adhere to this maxim, and refuse to sell any product that we cannot support. It is this, more than any other service that we provide, which has enabled us to maintain the customer base that we have over the years. It is a relief for a customer to be informed that the product they are ordering will not work in their environment for x and y reason, or to be informed ahead of time of a compatibility or not well documented performance issue.

From pre-sale services, to extensive on-site diagnostics and repair services, secure data destruction and even forensic data recovery, we pride ourselves in knowing what we sell. Should you require support for something you have purchased from us, or elsewhere, please email our team at support@newageworks.com


Equipment Upgrades / Downgrades

In an economic climate of tight credit and tighter IT budgets, we at NewAge understand now more than ever the need to extract the greatest performance from your present technology. We offer creative equipment upgrades, free on-site performance evaluations as well as expert support. Upgrades are usually the most cost effective means of extending the life of older systems. We also work with downgrade trades that allow for no-cost upgrade services. Rotate the technology out that you do not need, and replace it with what will better serve your organization.

For more information, please email our team at salesupgrades@newageworks.com


Site Planning and Architecture

Has your organization's technology evolved over the years in stages of afterthought and in bold defiance of "best practices"? Like many businesses, it is a constant compromise to deploy best site planning practices in light of budget, performance and time constraints. Whether you are redesigning a new data center from the ground level up, or trying to get control of your current site topography, NewAge offers site architecture and design consultation services.

For more information, please email our team at siteplanning@newageworks.com

De-Installation and Moves

NewAge understand the pressures of having to move your equipment to another site, while maintaining a minimum or zero down time, with no room for error. We work around your schedule and deploy a team as large or small as needed to facilitate your move. In addition there are the concerns of entrusting your costly equipment and sensitive data to a reputable party familiar with such product.

For more information, please email our team at sitemoving@newageworks.com.

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